Hi everyone, It is my pleasure that you are here to visit my virtual home. You are most welcomed to my humble Abode. Here is my collection of Vegetarian Sandwiches adopted for Indian Pallet. I have used Famous dishes from world over like Mac and Cheese, Hummus and Salsa to compliment my Sandwiches.

Welcome aboard to be a part of a Rhylicious ride.

Mexican Magic


This Gourmet Sandwich has flavours of Mexico and much more – like Spicy Salsa, Avocado, Beans, Pickled Onions and Chillies. For recipe click here -> Mexican Magic

Hummus Sandwich


Middle eastern cuisine Hummus sandwich with fresh vegetable and sprouts. If you are looking for a healthy bite and are fan of Indian food,this is just for you. For recipe click here -> Hummus Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich


Ladies and gentle men, make way for England’s famous easy to make, no cook, ever refreshing ,tea time Cucumber Sandwich. Serve it at your next brunch party or pot luck and be the talk of the party. 🙂 For recipe click here -> Cucumber Sandwich.

Mac & Cheese Sandwich


Every American’s favourite Mac and Cheese. It is super loaded with cheeeeeese. Must try at least once in a life time. ( Bonus Point – you do NOT need oven to make it, it can be prepared on a Pan) For recipe click here -> Mac & Cheese sandwich.

Starry Sandwich (Kid’s Friendly Sandwich)


Presenting, kid’s friendly, super easy to make fun filled sandwich. Involve your kids while making it and make happy memories. For recipe click here – > Starry Sandwich ( Kid’s Friendly)

 Bombay Club Sandwich


A tasty treat made with potatoes as it’s base. Along with boiled vegetables joining the party, seasoned by Indian spices. (P.S : It has power to convert you into vegetarian for a day) For recipe click here -> Bombay Club Sandwich

 Bombay Vegetable Sandwich

Sandwich topped with cheese.

It is an Ultimate Vegetable Sandwich prepared Bombay Style. It is a healthy, easy and tasty meal. This will surely leave you craving for more. For recipe click here ->  Bombay Vegetable Sandwich

 Indian Flavoured Hummus


Hummus with an interesting Indian twist. A perfect blend of Middle eastern and Indian Cuisine. Pair it with Naan, pita bread or even paratha and pleasantly surprise yourself. For recipe click here -> Indian Flavoured Hummus

Green sandwich chutney


Green sandwich chutney is famous, flavourful and luscious Indian condiment made using coriander, curry leaves and chillies as its base. Add it to your sandwiches to bring it to next level and give it an Indian Touch. For recipe click here -> Green Sandwich Chutney.

Sandwich Masala/Spice


Sandwich Masala/Spice, a way to bring out more flavour from any sandwich. It does magic when added to Bombay Club Sandwich. For recipe click here -> Sandwich masala

Home-made Cottage Cheese


This is the easiest way to make Cottage Cheese (Paneer) at home, with just two ingredients in under 10 mins. For recipe click here -> Home made Cottage Cheese/ Paneer.

 Home grown Sprouts


This is by far the easiest way to make sprouts at home. Just follow four simple steps 1.Soak 2.Drain 3.Rest 4.Wash. Done. Home grown sprouts are ready. For recipe click here -> Home grown sprouts.

Please share with me your experiencing, and do let me know what else would you like me to post?

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