Tea-Time Tomato sandwich

Tomato Sandwiches are my latest favourite. They are creamy, tangy and compliments tea very well. It is made using tomatoes, onion, cheese and mayonnaise.


In Singapore it is school holidays this week, so I took the opportunity and invited my friends over for tea this week. By this we got to catch up with each other and kids also had some company as they were missing being with their school friends.


I am not a religious tea drinker, but when I drink I do it complete justice. I would enjoy it to the last sip and I make sure I have something to munch along with it. I was not in the mood of making something deep fired snack this time like Cottage cheese croquet.


I am a Sandwich lover as most of you would be knowing, I have a lots of them on my blog like Bombay Sandwich, Vegetable Sandwich, Mac and Cheese Sandwich, Hummus Sandwich and many more. I decided to serve few variety of sandwiches along with tea. I ended up making Cucumber sandwich, Tomato Sandwich and Peanut Jam sandwich.


Spread of this sandwich is very versatile, crackers could be dunked in it and enjoyed. We can also serve it along with Bread sticks or vegetables like carrots or cucumber.


1/2 tea spoon of butter

2 Big tomatoes

1/2 Onion finely chopped

2 slice proceeded cheese (Grated)

2 table spoon mayonnaise

Salt to taste

Black Pepper powder

10 Slice of bread


  1. Give tomatoes a slit in form of X at it’s base, just enough to peel of skin once boiled. Add it to water and bring it to boil. Once they cool down, peel off it’s skin and churn it to paste.
  2. Heat butter in a pan, saute onions to pink colour. Add pureed tomatoes season it with salt and black pepper, cook it for about 5-6 minutes to reduce it. Let the mixture cool down.
  3. In a bowl add grated cheese, mayonnaise and tomato gravy, mix them all. (Optionally, Add finely chopped parsley, basil or mint leaves for extra freshness). Tomato spread is ready.
  4. Cut the side of bread and apply the spread between two bread, cut it into four triangles and serve along with hot cup of tea. img_9899

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