Handwo – (Savoury Vegetable Cake) – Guest post for Anu @TasteBuds

It is my first experience writing a “Guest Post” and am very excited. Thanks a lot Anu Yelo, She is a dear friend who has a passion for Kerala Cuisine and has a spread of delicious dishes on her blog Taste Bud. If you have not seen her work yet, take this opportunity to visit her.


I was a little confused at the beginning as to what to share, after a bit of thinking I am sharing my all-time favourite snack “Handwo”.

“Handwo – Savoury vegetable cake”, is a non-fried appetiser of Gujarati cuisine.  To make Instant Handwo I always use “Course” Rawa/Suji/Semolina instead of fine variety mix it along with Gram flour, Curd, Vegetable and spices. Add the mixture to a deep non-stick pan along with tempering of mustard seeds, sesame seeds and curry leaves.

We can also use fresh frenugreak ( Methi ) in place of vegetable to make Handwo.


Once it is cooked on one side we need to flip it over and cook other side, I have learned this technique from my mother. Place a plate on the pan then flip it over slowly so the uncooked side would face down, slide it inside the pan and cook again. Repeat the same process once cooked both side. To explain it better I have attached pictures showing the process in preparation.


Handwo is Crispy on outside and is soft on the inside. To get that texture we have to use a non-stick pan. Even traditionally it is made in pan, but Suji is replaced with lentils which are soaked overnight them grinded next morning, seasoned with spices and cooked. I like my Handwo a bit sour so I have added lemon juice you can also omit it.

For the complete recipe, Let us go over to Anu’s .

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