Bombay Vegetable Sandwich

Summer is here in western part of the world, So thought of re sharing my first sandwich recipe. It is full of fresh Colourful veggies πŸ™‚ Carry it along for picnics ( Avoid adding tomatoes if you are planning to consume it after few hours, as it leaves it soggy ) or for Barbecue parties. Do not forget to share your thoughts about it. I will surely reply you.

Ritz's Flavours

It is said that food has memories attached to it. Vegetable sandwiches are my daddy’s Favourite. I fondly remember, the day when we use to have vegetable sandwich for dinner, my mummy would be so relaxed that evening. As all she had to do was to make batch of fresh Green Sandwich Chutney (we usually have it in our fridge), boil some potatoes and cut vegetables.

Preparation for layering ultimate Bombay vegetable sandwich, with cut vegetables, green sandwich chutney, butter, chaat masala, sev, cheeses and bread slice.

After that my daddy would take the charge and make us delicious vegetable sandwiches. He had his unique way of layering vegetables.

I love to have it for picnics. I avoid using tomatoes though. As itΒ leaves it soggy if kept for Long time. It is easy, flavourful, stomach feeling and on the go snack. It is a good option for lunch boxΒ as well.IMG_7283

For this sandwich we will apply butter and green chutney on bread. Do not avoid butter, it will truly bring out…

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27 thoughts on “Bombay Vegetable Sandwich

      1. Awesome. Thanks for approval. Please send me a link to a recipe and then I will get full recipe with ingredients, method and pics and link back to you. Your post will then feature on Friday next week as I do one guest post per week. Looking forward to your recipe. TRH blogger hugs

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