Fruity Vanilla Ice-cream

This Monday, when we had invited some guest our place I had decided on the whole menu including Starters and Main course but when it came to making a desert my mind was stuck for a while. Yes that is true just like anyone else, even I do get confused as to what to serve at times.


I was in search of a recipe which would be very quick, simple yet delicious. I had Vanilla Ice cream sitting in my freezer, so I started to think how to make desert using vanilla ice cream? It was then I came up with this Creation.


To put this Desert together all you need is just 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to assemble. To make the process faster, you can cut fruits ahead, so before serving all you have to do is assembling it.


This surely is a party pleasure, Spread different varieties of cut fresh fruits along with nuts and crumbled cookies. Place it along with tub of Ice cream in the Desert corner. Let guest help them selves.

If you are looking for some other simple desert, try Chocolate pudding it is a make ahead. Did you have a look at my “Women On The Go” series yet? I have listed 22 Must haves in Freezer and Refrigerator to quick up cooking process and How to plan weekly meals for less chaotic days. Do watch out that space for more every Friday.

In this recipe i am not mentioning the quantity of the ingredients as it could vary according to individuals preference. I like to set it as single serving but it can also be set as a batch and then served.


Fruits of your choice (Preferably two different variety I am using Fresh Cherry and Raspberry)

Chocolate chip cookies

Vanilla ice cream

Method :

Cut, fruits into small pieces and crumble cookies. Assemble the desert

Layer 1 – Vanilla ice cream

Layer 2 – Chopped fresh fruits

Layer 3 – Crumbled cookies

Layer 4 – Vanilla Ice cream

Serve Immediately.

How to Pictures :

Variation :

  • Any seasonal fruits can be used like Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry, Grapes, Blue berry, Plum or Pineapple .
  • Nuts like Walnuts, Almonds or raisins can be added as well.
  • Drizzle it with Chocolate sauce or other fruity squash.

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