“Women on the go”

Picture credit -> www.womentowomen.com 

My whole idea of coming up with these series is reach to women who are always on her toes, and is constantly thriving to cook healthy, delicious and fresh meals for her family.

Under the series I would be covering following topics and more :

1) How to plan weekly meals with the help of weekly meal chart.

2) What Things to store in your fridge that could reduce preparation time.

3) What to Cook when their are no Vegetable in fridge ?

4) Things to prepare a night before to make a quick and healthy lunch.

5) One pot meal – that are easy to make with ingredients available in your pantry in under 30 minutes.

 “Aaj khane mie kya banau ?” Meaning what do I cook today ? Was the toughest question I had to face everyday. After self posing that question my mind would hang for a while. Than I would think of what to cook so that I , My husband and my 2 year old son all of us can have the same thing. It also has to be something that can be made with ingredients available with me just  now, as i do not want to rush to the grocers. How many of you are also sailing in the same boat ?

While self debating about what should be prepared for meal, I would spend about 15-20 minutes brain storming all these, and that reduce my cooking time. To get permanent solution to this I came up with “Weekly meal Plan chart” trust me from the day I started following it, my day has been less chaotic

In today’s Post I am going to share it while talking about “How to plan meals ?”

Here is Weekly meal chart which I use. Do make sure you take out at least 30 minutes to fill it.

Here is an my filled chart for the coming week

trailmeal plan 2

It can be tailor made for your use, I have Saturday to prepare for the whole coming week, but it can be shifted to any other day. Stick it where it can be easily visible to you. My spot is on the fridge.

At the end of this you will have:
– All your meals planned for entire week.
– List of things you need to buy from the grocers.
– Things that you could pre prepare for the week.

Click here to download a free printable version of the chart -> Weekly meal plan

Do make sure you are involving your family members while planning this, so everyone would have dishes of their choice on the plan. Do stick to it as much as possible, but yes we need to be flexible when required you are the best judge.

I would love to hear from you all, did you like the idea? What else would you like me to add under this series ? Did you have a look at  22 Must haves in Freezer and Refrigerator to quick up cooking process? If you are looking for other time saving post visit ->  How to store tomato puree the right way ? How to store garlic for long ? My most popular ever Home made Instant Upma Mix.


Extra tips
1. Stock up things from local grocers once a week on Friday night or Saturday.
It helps save multiple trips.
2. Make a separate list to update end of every month, which includes:
-stock of spices
-Baby necessitates like diaper, milk powder and more

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