How to store Tomato Puree the right way.

Have you ever felt the need to learn How to store tomato puree, so that you can speed up your cooking process? If yes this is the right place for you. Today I am going to share my tried and tasted method to do it.


This is what I do every Saturday, I spend about 30 minutes for it to have a break from cutting, chopping and blending tomato for the whole coming week. For a family of two adults and a child, I think Four big tomatoes puree are enough for a week. Off course it all depends on your love for the vegetable and how much you add it to all your dishes.


This can be added while making any curry, Pav bhaji, Punjabi Sabji, Channa masala, Rajma Masala, Salsa, Pizza sauce, Pasta Sauce, Tomato soup. Possibilities are endless.

The whole process for this is as simple as 1,2,3. Yes Really

  1. Cut
  2. Boil / Blench
  3. Blend

After that transfer it in an airtight container and store it in freezer. It can be stored for as long as a month. Make sure you use a clean spoon every time. Thaw only amount of puree you want to use.

Here is How to store Garlic for long. If you are looking for trick to make you day less chaotic and get all your meals easily planed have a look at How to plan weekly meals.


  1. Wash tomatoes, cut it from middle as shown in picture.IMG_8895
  2. Immerse them into water, put it to boil.IMG_8896
  3. Stop boiling when peel of tomatoes starts coming off. It might take about 10-25 minutes depending upon stove size, amount of tomatoes and size of vessel.IMG_8897
  4. Once tomatoes are blenched, remove it from water and let it cool down to room temperature. It might take about 5-10 minutesIMG_8898
  5. Remove the peel and cut the base of tomato as shown in picture.IMG_8900
  6. Transfer the blenched tomato into a food processor or mixer bowl, churn it.IMG_8903
  7. Store it in air tight container.IMG_8906

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