How to store garlic for Long ?


You know what is one of the thing you would always find in my freezer? It is a container of minced garlic. I buy small garlic bag, and store it to save myself from peeling and chopping it for the whole coming month.


How do I do It? It is very simple: Peel it, add lemon juice, salt and churn it.

Do remember that we did add salt to it, so balance it while cooking the dish.


This could be stored in freezer for as long as 2 months. Do use a clean spoon every time and thaw only the amount you want to use.

Here is How to store tomato puree the right way? If you are looking for trick to make you day less chaotic and get all your meals easily planed have a look at How to plan weekly meals?


  1. Peel garlic and add it to food processor. IMG_8911
  2. Add lemon juice and salt to it. Churn it, I like to keep it chunky.IMG_8912
  3. Transfer it in air tight container and store in freezer.IMG_8917

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