Mexican Magic – How to make Mexican Sandwich.


Last weekend we had taken our Son to East Coast Park. It is a beach front park. We had hired a family bike to stroll around, Nishith enjoyed it a lot as he thought he was the one directing us as he had got a front seat in the bike. We even played Football on the beach. Made sand castles. Had lunch at the food joint in park, Ended our trip with a sweet treat with frozen yogurt. It was a fun filled family outing. (Note to self : Park also has facility to do BBQ and overnight camping, need to try it some other time.)


Have you ever felt that urge to take a real long nap after returning from a day time picnic? That too on a hot summer day? While body is pleading for it, mind is thinking of what to cook for dinner tonight and all those errands that needs to be run before dinner time. Even I had the same battle that day with self but I already had plans my dinner that night.


For me during weekends I want to treat my family by making something different, tasty and healthy. At the same time it has to be something that could partly be made ahead, and is less time consuming. If you are also of the same opinion then this is the right recipe for you. 🙂

Mexican Magic is all that and much more. It has the Flavours of Mexico like tangy tomato salsa, ripe avocado, beans, pickled onions and chillies. Serve with crispy corn chips. to make task easy, a day ahead I did pickle onions and chillies, made salsa and beans mixture as well. So today all I had to do was to cut avocado, iceberg lettuces and assemble the sandwich 😀.


Here is a detailed recipe of Salsa.


To make this sandwich suitable for Indian pantry and pallet, I have used kidney beans (Rajma) instead of black beans and I have replaced jalapeños with Asian green chillies. Yes I had to do that, I did visit all the supermarkets near by like cold storage, Gaint and NTUC to look for it, but retuned empty handed from everywhere. In the process I learned a lot about jalapeños, as I goggled it every time while going from one store to another. To my surprise Asian chillies tastes just as good in the sandwich.

Would you believe me if I told, “This sandwich is so filling, that by the time I reached to it’s last bite, my stomach was about to bust”. I have many other quick and easy sandwiches in my sleeve like Mac & Cheese Sandwich, Hummus sandwich, Bombay vegetable sandwiches, Cucumber sandwich, and Many more. Do try them out as well. I would love to hear it from you, do write me your feedback.


Here is a complete guide to “How to make Mexican Magic Sandwich”

Ingredients (Makes 2 )

“Beans Mixture”
100 grams kidney beans ( cooked and mashed )
1 table spoon Cumin powder
1 1/2 table spoon mayonnaises
Salt to taste


Loaf of Farmers fresh bread
4 table spoon tomato salsa
Half medium sized Onion
Half Long Asian chill.
1 Tea spoon sugar
2 Tea spoon Apple cider vinegar
2 Cheese slice
1 ripe avocado
100 grams iceberg lettuce sliced
Corn chips for side dish


1. To pickle Onions and Chillies, Cut them into thin slice, and place into a small bowl. In a small pan boil 100 ml of water, add 1 tea spoon of table salt, 1 tea spoon sugar and 2 tea spoon Apple cider vinegar. Pour it on onions and Chilli, Cover it and set aside. ( This will last for 3-4 days in fridge when stored in an airtight container)

2. In a small bowl take all ingredients listed under beans mixture, mix them and set aside. ( This would last for 2 days in fridge)

3. Cut avocado and Iceberg lettuce.

4. To assemble sandwich, cut farmer’s fresh bread loaf from centre and toast it in oven or pan.  Apply thick layer of beans mixture on one side and layer of salsa on other side.

5. Put pickled onions and chillies on top of beans layer.


6. Followed by avocado, iceberg lettuce and cheese slice.

7.Cover with salsa layered bread slice.

Serve it with corn chips and be lost in the Mexican magic.

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