Chocolate Pudding

In “Beat The Heat” this Tuesday, instead to sharing a drink here is an easy to make delicious chocolate pudding. Have this in hot afternoon to feel relaxed, happy and guilt free as well. This is a healthy desert.


Serve it to guest, let them go GaGa about it. Usually when we invite guest at home, we put all efforts to prepare main dish and at end serve a store bought desert or ice cream. Don’t we ?


It was until you were introduced to this chocolate pudding, it is very easy to make, fuss free, just two ingredients yummy desert 😊. You cannot believe it? Let me reveal the ingredients it is Coconut milk and Chocolate.


To make pudding healthy, I have used lite coconut milk instead of coconut cream or full fat coconut milk. Complimenting it is semi sweet cooking chocolate. You can choose chocolate according to your taste it could be half dark and half semi sweet, 100% dark or 100%semisweet. If you do not have cooking chocolate, do not worry just buy plain dairy milk chocolate and add it. It tastes yummy as well. Do check the taste if needed feel free to add coco powder or powdered sugar to suite your taste.


 I do not know if folding two ingredients together is called a recipe. Apparently, It is the only thing that we need to do. Later pour the mixture in a fancy desert glass, let it set for overnight in fridge.(Make sure you cover it ) Voila… It is Soooooo Easy. I am sure you all are also going to be fan of this desert as much as I am.


When you serve it to your guest they will appreciate it and above all you will have satisfaction of making it at home 😊. Pudding taste sinfully good just by itself, but if you want some variation it can be topped with Oreo crunch, Fresh fruits or Whipped cream.


Use your creatively and happy indulgence. 😊 Do not forget to tell me your experience with this hard to resist chocolate pudding. Do try Golden Glory, Purple Breeze, Figs and Dates Shake and many more drinks to cool off this summer.


400 ml coconut milk

100 grams semi-dark cooking chocolate


  1. Empty coconut milk in a heavy bottom pan, bring it to simmer, we do not want to boil it, but just want to warm it.IMG_8215
  2. Bring milk off the stove, Add chocolate to it and fold them together. This is the most difficult part, (Their will  be a moment where you will feel it is impossible ) but, you just need to mix it in same direction until they blend together.IMG_8217
  3. Let it come to room temperature, pour it into fancy desert glass, cover it with lid and let it chill for at least 4 hours or overnight.


  4. Enjoy this heavenly pudding. IMG_8237

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