Figs and Dates Shake.

1458305076824Hey, It’s Tuesday again… Last week flew away very fast. I am here with Part 3 of my “Beat the Heat” Series. To keep the glazing sun Offshore Try “Figs and Dates Shake”. As a child I never liked to have dried figs but I enjoyed having dates, so my mother tricked me by blending both along with Ice cream and Coco. I use to have it without any complaints. My childhood days are long gone, but I still love it. It is my favourite cold treat for sunny days. It has health benefits with qualities of a Lovely treat. Speaking of health benefits I would like to share a few benefits of figs and dates with you.

  1. Figs are packed with dietary fibres which help to improve digestion.
  2. Figs are low on calories, so if you are watching your weight this is an Ideal snack.
  3. Figs and dates both are high on iron contents it helps to fight against anaemia.
  4. Dates are very healthy to consume in pregnancy.
  5. Dates have high content of Magnesium and potassium that helps to reduce blood pressure.

I hope, while indulging in this one you would not be too guilty. If you are looking for a complete healthy option, avoid Ice cream and use low fat milk. I like to have it for my breakfast. It is filling and tasty way to kick start a day.


To make this super beneficial and delicious shake, Soak dates and figs in milk for more than two hours or overnight. In a food blender add: Milk, Coco powder, green cardamom powder, vanilla ice cream, soaked dates and figs. Blend them all together. Serve it in a tall glass, add chopped Almonds (Walnuts can also be an option). Top it with a scoop of Vanilla/Chocolate Ice cream. Indulge yourself.


I hope I am able to keep up my promise of bringing easy and interesting ways to stay cool this summer. Make this for your loved ones or yourself and save a trip to ice cream parlour. For other tasty and easy drinks visit my “Beat the Heat” page.

Here is a complete guide to “How to beat the heat with Fig and Dates Thick Shake

“Ingredients” (Makes 1 glass)

5 seedless dates

3 dried figs

350 ml milk

3 scoop vanilla/chocolate ice cream (separated)

pinch of green cardamom powder

1/2 tea spoon coco powder

1 table spoon Chopped almonds


  1. Soak figs and dates in milk for two hours or more.
  2. In a food processor Blend milk, Coco powder, Green cardamom powder, Ice cream (2 scoop), Soaked dates and figs.
  3.  While serving pour the mixture, Add chopped Almonds top it with a scoop of Ice cream.IMG_7593

Trust me, this is going to appeal kids as well as adults, as it has flavours loved by all generation.  Try this Rhyliciuos drink now.

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