Cucumber Sandwich – How to make Perfect Cucumber Sandwiches


It was last Saturday when My Husband, Son and I had been to Singapore Public Bus Carnival. I was struck by a green beauty. It’s a vintage 1960’s public bus. We got the opportunity to explore it from inside. They also showcased new design of buses which would hit the roads in 2018. My Husband even tried his hands on driving a simulated bus. All in all it was a fun filled evening. We did not knew how time flew by, we had spent nearly 2 hours plus their. By the way do you know, Singapore is one of developed country that discourages car ownership? Yeah that is true. Here they emphasis on use of public transport. But I must say, Singapore’s public transport is very efficient.

By the time we returned home it was almost dinner time and I had not prepared anything yet. I got a panic Attack.! I was in no mood to cook as well. I opened my fridge to see what is in it, I found a cucumber, few Spring Onions, coriander (I always have them in my fridge) and cheese slice. I exactly knew what Can be made with it in less than 30 mins, “Cucumber Sandwiches”.


As I entered my kitchen I started to boil milk to make cottage cheese. Here you can get full recipe of Home made cottage cheese. If you have frozen cottage cheese, you can even use that, start defrosting it. Meanwhile cut cucumber, parsley and spring onions. I have used cheese slice here (as they were available), so I grated it as well. It is not the ideal option for cucumber sandwiches Cream cheese is, but it works as well. Next I cut edges of bread slice. By the time I was done preparing all these, cottage cheese was ready.

Now comes time to mix the spread and assemble the sandwich. I am going to make a big batch of it, as all of us love it. I am even going to save up a sandwich for a little surprise later. For spread in a medium sized bowl mix scrambled cottage cheese, mayonnaise, shredded Cheese, finely chopped parsley and spring onions. Season it with salt and pepper. Give everything a mix. Spread for sandwich is ready.


All we need to do now is apply a thick layer of spread on all bread slice, arrange cucumber (I like a overlapped layer of cucumber, so I can get a mouthful of it in every bite) and seal with another bread. Done our creamy, crunchy cucumber sandwiches are ready for dinner.


Do you remember about my little surprise? For that I have wrapped a sandwich in silver foil and put it in refrigerator. Let it set for about 3-4 Hours. It will be a cold treat for later at night when my Husband and I would be watching classic old movies.

Sandwiches are very versatile especially this one. It can be perfect for a brunch or tea party. It can also be a side dish for kids parties, my 2 year old loved it. You can carry it along in picnics. Serve it during pot luck. Possibilities are endless, In hot summer days like this, a cold sandwich in lunch would just be the right thing to get you going.

There are a few variations to this sandwich

  •  Variations in serving methods:
    – For cold treat. Assemble sandwich and wrap it in aluminium foil, let it rest in refrigerator for about 3-4 hours. Cut into pieces and serve cold.
    – For Grilled version. Assemble sandwich, grill it in oven. Serve it immediately.
  • Variations in spread
    Spring onions can be replaced with
    -Fresh basil (Tastes exotic)
    -Green bell pepper
  •  Healthy Version– Replace Mayonnaises and cheese by hung curd. I love it.

Do try other varieties of sandwiches like, Hummus Sandwich, Bombay Club sandwich, Vegetable sandwich, Mac and Cheese Sandwich and Many more. Do let me know, how did you like it.

Without saying a lot about this mouthwatering sandwich let me share it stepwise along with pictures. Here is a complete guide to “How to make cucumber sandwich”

Ingredients ( makes 2)

“For spread”
50gms Cottage cheese ( defrost and scrambled )
2 tea spoon mayonnaise
1 cheese slice ( grated )
20 gm parsley finely chopped
1 spring onions ( greens finely chopped)
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste.
1/2 medium sized cucumber thinly slice.( peeled or unpeeled)
4 bread slice


1) In a medium sized bowl mix all ingredients listed under “For spread” Give it a taste and adjust seasoning according to your pallet.

2) Apply thick layer of spread on all bread slice. Arrange cucumber slice. Seal it with another bread slice. Cut into bite size pieces and serve.

Enjoy the Rhylicious sandwich 😊

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14 thoughts on “Cucumber Sandwich – How to make Perfect Cucumber Sandwiches

    1. Hi Puja. Thanks a lot for asking this as I missed to write about it in my post.

      If you want to bring it along in Lunch I would suggest to Deseed cucumber, finely chop them and add it to the spread.

      By doing this sandwiches won’t go soggy until lunch. 😀


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