Golden glory

IMG_7520It is just start of April and here is Singapore, mercury is hitting 34*C already..! Cannot “tahan” lah!! (Singlish). To keep blazing heat away, this Tuesday as a part of my “Beat the Heat” Series I am sharing a sweet, salty and 100% refreshing drink made with fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are used as a mouth fresher and It has a unique natural cooling flavour. When eaten raw it leaves me craving for more. I thought of using it to make a drink, and the outcome is “Golden Glory”.
Golden glory is perfect icy drink for days when we do not want to have fruit juice or aerated drinks and still want something to keep us exhilarating. I have been drinking It a lot lately. For Golden Glory I have only used 3 ingredients. Fennel seed powder, dash of honey and a pinch of black salt. If you have been longing for some new taste this is just right for you. Try it now.! You can also carry it to your work, it will keep you refreshed whole day.


All we need to do to make this drink is grind fennel seeds, add water to it. Let it rest for 30-60 minutes. Stain it add honey and black salt. Put some ice along and Golden Glory is ready to glow you up. For other interesting drinks to keep cool this summer visit my “Beat the Heat” post.


Do share with me did it help you stay cool this summer? Here is a complete guide to “How to beat the heat with Golden glory – Fennel seeds drink


2 table spoons Fennel seeds powder

3/4 table spoon black salt

1 1/4 table spoon honey

450 ml water

Ice cube for serving


  1. Grind fennel seed to powder.
  2. Take powder to jar, add water and let it refrigerator for 30-60 mins.IMG_7983
  3. Stain it, add honey and black salt finally top it up with ice.IMG_7503


  1. To decorate rim of glass as shown in picture, rub lemon and roll glass rim in salt or sugar. It can be done 2-3 Hours before serving, make sure you let it rest in refrigerator.
  2. Stick to the proportion of black salt and honey, as adding more black salt will turn it bitter. You can adjust it to your taste later to suit your pallet.
  3. Black salt and honey can be replaced by rock salt and sugar syrup respectively.

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