Indian Flavoured Hummus- How to make Indian Flavoured Hummus

IMG_7907Hummus is a dip from middle eastern Cuisine. Traditionally hummus is made with chickpeas as its base. To it is added garlic, Tahini (sesame), Lemon juice and olive oil. Any other oil can also be used.

Recipe that I am sharing today has Indian flavour. For it add ginger paste, Cumin powder, garam masala, turmeric powder, coriander leaves, homemade hung curd and Kashmir mirch ( red chillies) soaked in olive oil overnight.

Store bought hummus can also be given Indian flavour.  Add  Ingredients listed under “For Indian Flavour” and traditional Hummus in a food processor jar. Blend it together. We have our Indian Flavoured Hummus ready. This can be used to make Healthy Hummus Sandwich. It can also be served as a side dish with naan, pita bread or paratha.

If you are looking for other variety of dips here they are like Tomato Salsa and Green Chutney.

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Let us get started. Here is guide to “How to make Indian Flavoured Hummus


200 gm chickpeas ( Chole )

500 ml water

100 gm sesame seeds

2 cloves garlic

2 table spoon lemon juice

Salt to taste

4 table spoon Olive oil (separated)

2 table spoon Hung curd/Greek yogurt

“For Indian flavour”

1 table spoon ginger paste

1 tea spoon turmeric powder

1 table spoon cumin powder

1 table spoon garam masala

100 gm coriander leaves

3 Kashmiri red chills


1. Soak kashmiri red chills in 2 table spoon of oil overnight.


2. In another bowl soak chickpeas in water overnight, next morning strain water. Transfer it into pressure cooker, add water ,pressure cook it for up to 15 whistle (As I did). Alternatively it can also be boiled in a covered vessel, depending on thickness of utensil it can take from 1-2 hour. Once cooked drain excess water. We want completely cooked chickpeas.

3. To make tahini, roast sesame seeds, let it cool. Add it to a food processor jar along with 2 table spoon olive oil. Blend it. Keep it aside for later use.

4. In a big food processor jar add all the ingredients, including tahini and olive oil used to soak Kashmiri chillies, except hang curd. Blend them together.

5. Scrape the sides, add hang curd or Greek yoghurt and blend again.

6. Take out hummus in a bowl, add some more olive oil if required.


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