Homemade sprouts – How to grow sprouts at home

IMG_7908This is by far the easiest way to make sprouts at home. Just follow four simple step.
Done..! Home grown sprouts are ready to be part of a yummy recipe like Healthy Hummus Sandwich.
I have used green beans, shown in picture above. It is called mung in India.
Here is a complete step wise guide to “Home made sprouts” .
1. Wash green bean and soak it with water enough to cover them. Keep it coved overnight.IMG_7913
2. Next day morning drain out water and keep it covered.


  1. Let it rest in a relatively warm environment like oven or kitchen cabinets for 2 more days.

4. On day 3 wash it under running water. Remove green cover of beans(Optional).

Our home grown sprouts are ready 🙂


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