Pretty Lady


IMG_7893Pretty lady is made with Apple and Strawberry. Complimenting it is lemon juice and sprite. Personally this is one of my favourite πŸ™‚

For this drink, peal and cut big chunks of apple and strawberry. Place them in a food processor along with ice cubes and lemon juice. Blend them all. Take it out in a jar, add lemon rings, lengthwise cut strawberry and salt to it. Cool it for 3-4 hours.

While serving take it in a glass add Sprite and more ice cube. Pretty lady is ready to flaunt herself.

Here is a complete guide on “How to beat the heat with pretty lady”.

Ingredients. (Make 2)

1 Apple (Big size)

10 Strawberry

2 fresh lemons

Salt to taste

300 ml Sprite.


1.) Peel and cut apples into big chunk, cut strawberry (save a few to add to drink later). Transfer them in a food processor, add fresh lemon juice. Give it a blend. Transfer it in a jar.

2) Cut lemon rings and strawberries (length wise). Add it to jar along with salt, Refrigerate it for 3-4 hrs.

3) While serving split it into two glass, add ice cubes and top it with Sprite.

Do share with me, if it helps to keep heat at a bay.

For other interesting non alcoholic drinks, refer my”Beat The Heat” post.

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