Beat The Heat

With the onset of summer and rising temperatures I am on a quest to drench my thirst. Are you in with me ?? Let’s begin.

I am about to post several non alcoholic drinks that will let us stay cool this summer. They are Mocktail, Thick Shakes and Icy drinks.

 If you have never tried your hands on making all these in your own kitchen and are under the impression
– They are very tedious to make.
– You would need many ingredients to make it.
– They are too complicated to make.

– You are not sure which Flavours and fruits to combine.

Here is just the right collection for you. Most of this  Mocktail, Thick shakes and drinks are made with 5 ingredients or some even less. All these Mocktails are made using Sprite. It can easily be substituted by any other white aerated drink or Club soda. All Thick Shakes are made by using Vanilla Ice cream. This will give us opportunity to try different drinks with few Ingredients.

Here is my secret for a perfect Mocktail and thick shakes; right combination of Fruits and Flavours. Few combination that i have tried and blend well with each other are as below.
– Black grapes and strawberry
– Orange, Apple and pineapple
– Apple and Strawberry
– Watermelon and mint
– Mango, pineapple and orange
– Strawberry and Guava
– Fig, dates and Almonds
– Chocolate , cinnamon and walnuts
– Coffee and chocolate
Once we get a hang of it, It becomes very easy to mix, match and experiment. Personally I love to add lemon juice to all my Mocktail. It gives it a tangy touch.
Let’s get started. In my First part of Beat The Heat Series I am presenting:

Purple Breeze


For it’s recipe click here -> Purple Breeze Mocktail – It is  made with  Black grapes and Lemon juice. This is the perfect way to stay cool this summer.

Pretty LadyIMG_7893

For it’s recipe click here -> Pretty Lady Mocktail – It is made using apples, Strawberry and lemon juice. This is a refreshing drink that will keep heat at bay.

Golden Glory


For it’s recipe click here – > Golden glory – It is perfect icy drink for days when we do not want to have fruit juice or aerated drinks and still want something to keep us exhilarating.

Figs and Dates Shake


For it’s recipe click here -> Figs and dates Shake – Trust me, this is going to appeal kids and and adults as it has flavours loved by all generation.

Chocolate Pudding


For it’s recipe click here -> Chocolate Pudding – It is the easiest desert ever made using just two Ingredients. Check it out for yourself. The best part about this is it is healthy as well. So indulge guilt free. 🙂

I would love to hear from you all, what else would you like me to post? Enjoy this Rhylisious drink.

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