Starry Sandwiches (Kids Friendly Sandwich)


Hello everyone, today I am sharing a kids friendly recipe with all of you.  I call it a “starry sandwiches.”  I know there is no word as “Starry”.  Yes, but I still like to call it that way. Soon you would come to know why!! Without further ado let us put our apron on and get inside the kitchen to assemble all our ingredients. I am sure you could find most of them in your pantry and fridge.

These “Starry Sandwiches” are made using Onions, bell pepper, cheese, ketchup, bread, black pepper powder and cottage cheese. Oh! You do not have cottage cheese in your freezer? Do not worry, refer to my Homemade Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Recipe, it is quite easy (Just 2 ingredients) and quick.

So once we have all things, let us give our bread slice an interesting shape. Make sure you preserve most of the bread. Some ideas for shape would be hexagon, heart or circle (I have used it).


You can either use the same shape or use different ones for all. As I always say, you have the complete liberty when it comes to my sandwiches. Once done, take a bread slice and cut the centre in different shape I have used star here. You can use your own imagination. Only cut half batch of bread slice from centre. This batch will be our Seal bread as I like to call it. While other batch with the preserved centre will be our base bread. If your kids love to help, let them take the charge while you switch on the stove and start to prepare the stuffing.


For the stuffing, take a pan, add some butter. Once it melts, add finely chopped onions. When they start turning tender, add green bell pepper. At this point, you can also add other colourful veggies like red and yellow bell pepper, corn, carrots do your thing whatever you want. I have only added green bell pepper in my recipe. By incorporating other veggies the whole sandwich party will turn more colourful and it will add more nutritional value to the snack.

While veggies are getting to know each other better, you can defrost and scramble Cottage Cheese, or if you are yet to make it – you can start the process on another stove. Next comes the turn of grating cheese.


By now veggies would be cooked so transfer the mixture in a mixing bowl. Add cottage cheese, ketchup, salt and black pepper powder to this mixture. My recipe only contains this, if you are a cheese lover, You know what to do.. Go ahead just add it.  Give the whole thing a mix, taste it and adjust your flavour.

Now it’s time to assemble the sandwich .First collect all outer edges of bread and store it separately in an airtight container. It can come handy to make bread crumbs out of it. All regarding the centre shapes, you can either toast them, apply spread to it and serve it along with this sandwich or in case you do not toast them, simply apply your favourite spread to it ,top it with cheery (Don’t they look lovely!). At times I make batch of just these.


Moving to assembling the sandwich, apply generous amount of butter on both sides of the base bread, put it on the baking plate. Then apply a layer of your stuffing. Apply butter on both sides of seal bread. Seal your sandwich with it and now we come to the fun part.  Fill the centre hole with ….. Yeah you got it Cheeseeeeee……. Yeah put in as much as you want.

Once done, pop it in the oven and adjust your oven setting so that you can get a crispy, cheesy, Starry Sandwich….I think by now you would have come to know why I call it a “Starry sandwich”.


You might be thinking, what all I have included in my picture. I had served these sandwiches at my kid’s play school while celebrating his birthday this week.(Picture also features stuff I included in goodies bags for his friends). We had cupcakes, starry sandwiches lots of joyous and memorable moments.  It was a big hit with kids, they gave it lots of cute and interesting names. Here I would like to give you and your kids the same opportunity to give it your own unique name.

Do not forget to share those names, sandwich pictures and your fun filled loving memories with me via your precious comments. Do try other varieties of sandwiches like, Hummus Sandwich, Bombay Club sandwich, Vegetable sandwich, Cucumber sandwich and Many more. Without a further say, Go and indulge into your sandwiches…. Happy Munching and Crunching.

Below Is a complete guide to “How to make Kid’s special Starry Sandwiches.”

Starry Sandwiches (Makes 2)


1/2 cup Cottage Cheese

½ cup onion finely chopped

¼ cup green bell pepper finely chopped

2 tablespoon tomato sauce

¼ cup cheese

Butter as needed for toasting

4 bread slice

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon Black pepper powder


  1. Cut all bread in desired shape as explained above.
  2. For the filling – Take a pan put it on stove heat butter, add onion to it, let it turn tender, add bell pepper to it. Bring it off the stove, take it out in a mixing bowl.
  3. Next add Cottage Cheese, ketchup, black pepper powder and salt to taste. Give everything a mix. Taste to adjust your flavour.


  4. To assemble the sandwich, take base bread, apply butter on both sides, spread the stuffing on it and cover it with seal bread. Don’t forget to apply butter on both sides of bread.


  5. Fill the inside of the hole with cheese.IMG_7033
  6. Pop it in the oven and let it grill till it turns golden brown. Once done, serve hot with your Favourite snacks. Your kid’s friendly Starry sandwiches are ready for a Rhylisious Ride.IMG_7727

With Onset of Summer (It is always summer in Singapore!!) and rising temperature I am inspired to come up with Beat The Heat Series. This Five part post, would be featuring refreshing Mocktails, Milkshakes and Smoothies along with some Show Stopper Drinks. Watch out for this space every Tuesday.

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