Purple Breeze

IMG_7519Black Grapes is the main fruit I am using for Purple Breeze. Complimenting it would be Lemon Juice. Drink is seasoned with Black salt and topped with Sprite.


  1. In this I have not stained Pulp of Black Grapes, if you like it can also be stained.
  2. I have not added sugar or sugar syrup if needed it can be added.
  3. Combination of Strawberry and Black Grapes can also be used.

It can be prepared in under 10 minutes. Enjoy this drink on a Hot summer afternoon with your friends and family.

So here is a guide to ” How to beat the heat with Purple Breeze Mocktail ”


100 Gms Black Grapes (Seedless)

150 ml Sprite

2 Table spoon Lemon Juice

1 Table spoon Black salt ( Sanchar )


  1. Grind black grapes to a pulp. Keep few grapes aside to garnish drink.
  2. Take grapes pulp into a long glass, add Black salt and Lemon juice to it.
  3. Top it up with Sprite, Club soda or any white areated drink.
  4. Add thin slice of chopped Black Grapes and garnish with whole black grapes.IMG_7509

Enjoy the Cool Breeze of Purple Breeze.

For other interesting non alcoholic drinks, visit my “Beat The Heat” post.

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