How to make Paneer/Cottage Cheese


I am a paneer/ cottage cheese and chocolate lover since childhood. As a teenager, without fail I would order paneer butter masala whenever we eat out. Then I started experimenting with panner, I would try it in Indo Chinese dishes like chilli paneer and Indo Mexican dish Totopas.

It can be easily available in India in any nearby dairy, but once I moved to Singapore I had to travel to get it from little India and that is when I started making my own paneer at home. It is a very easy method to make it. We only need milk preferably full fat, and fresh lemon juice. Bring milk to boil, squeeze in fresh lemon juice, boil it for some more time, let it cool, and strain out extra water. That is it… Our home made paneer is ready.

We can use it like this if making Garden sandwich, paneer bhurji or Kid’s Friendly Starry Sandwich . If you need them in small chunk form place some weight on top of it and set it in fridge for 4-5 hours and cut it into desired size.

When packed in an airtight bag it can last for months in deep fridge. Before using it, it needs to be defrosted. As a matter of fact, it never lasted for so long in my fridge yes you guessed it correctly, I would surely use it before that.

Here is a complete guide to “How to make Paneer / Cottage Cheese at home.”


500 ml full fat milk

2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice


1) Bring milk to boil.


2) Add fresh lemon juice.


3) Let it boil for 2-3 more minutes. Until you see paneer forming .


4) Turn off gas; let it cool for a while.


5) Strain out extra water.


Our homemade paneer is ready to be part of any Rhylisious dish.


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